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Niamh - a new sense of confidence

"My body was going through what was natural"

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After the hypnobirthing course, I actually looked forward to the labour with a positive and energetic manner. I couldn’t wait to try out the hypnobirthing for real. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it without any medical intervention. Hypnobirthing created a new sense of confidence and a totally different outlook on my ability to give birth in a calm and peaceful way.

I went into Wexford hospital on Wednesday evening after my waters had broke earlier that day. I had recorded my relaxation CD onto my phone and I listened to this on replay in the hospital bed throughout the night. My surges / contractions started around 6am the next morning. At around 9am I attached the tens machine to my back but kept it on a low voltage. All the time I was listening to my relaxation CD. Even though I could feel the surges, they were not painful – more like a period cramp. My poor husband was totally ignored as I was in my own zone, concentrating on my breathing techniques to counteract the surges. 

I was fully relaxed; the room was quiet and peaceful. I used the birthing ball to help open the pelvis and continued to use the tens machine. After a few hours of this the pains gradually started to become stronger and more frequent but were still very bearable. Using the balloon breathing technique that I had learned in the hypnosis classes really helped me through this part of the labour. After what seemed like hours, I was still at 9 cms and the midwife suggested I try the gas and air. I literally took 3 or 4 puffs of this and then the midwife gently took it away from me and said “ok, you're ready to push now”. 

At this stage, I introduced the J breathing and visualisation techniques I had learned, which were invaluable. It required all of my concentration and focused attention. My husband said afterwards that he could actually see the muscles working as Brenda had described in class. I was completely in control. In the end, I had to have a vacuum delivery but I can honestly say that this was all pain and stress-free. The whole experience was as if my body was going through what was natural and my mind was completely calm. My body was shaking afterwards but I took some arnica which helped a lot. I also had to have stitches but this was a minor thing and almost went unnoticed. My little girl is now 9 months and to this day is the most quiet and peaceful baby you can meet. I have no doubt that this is down to her calm and stress-free birth.


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