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Anika - a Relaxed Birth

"I felt I was prepared for what was to come."

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Anika: “I was given Brenda’s business card by Siobhan Kehoe, Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and the concept of Hypnobirthing intrigued me. Not needing pain relief seemed a novel idea and fascinating. My partner and I attended the course with Brenda and thought it was fantastic. Brenda explained everything in her unique, calm manner and it made us feel like we actually knew what we were doing. We were looking forward to the birth of our first baby and we were so excited!
At four days over, my waters broke but I had no surges. It was only a trickle at that stage so I was in no hurry but when I phoned the hospital I was told I had to come in anyway to get monitored. My waters broke with a gush in the hospital car park, and still no surges.

The first surge started the following day around 2pm.  Thinking we would have plenty of time, we went for coffee and relaxed.  I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation track for the next while and surges were coming more frequently.  Although the surges were quite strong, they did not feel like the pain that is experienced with an injury, it was more of a crampy feeling with lots of pressure. Still quite comfortable, I was transferred to the labour ward around 5.30pm.  My labour went smoothly as I felt I was prepared for what was to come.  My partner did a wonderful job at keeping me relaxed and focused during the process and I started breathing the baby down at 7pm.  Our daughter was born only 42 minutes later!  

During the birth, our little girl’s heart beat stayed constant at all times and I can only put that down to the calm manner in which we approached the birth.  Knowing what was happening and visualising where the baby was at the different stages during birth was a huge advantage.  We had a completely natural and pain and drug-free birth, our baby fed within fifteen minutes having no side effects from drugs.


Thanks to Brenda we brought a beautiful baby girl into the world without any pain relief and prepared for all eventualities.  The Hypnobirthing techniques were absolutely invaluable, I honestly do not believe that drugs could have had the same effect.  Our baby girl has just turned one and we are now preparing for the birth of our second child with Hypnobirthing.

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